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An affordable guide to vlogging

My dad wrote this post a few months ago on Casey Neistat’s vlogging gear for the Don’s Photo blog.  A lot of that gear that Casey uses is really expensive and I told him that.  Today he came out with an affordable guide to vlogging which is pretty cool and is based around using the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 which is really affordable and the compact 24mm f/2.8 lens.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1 at Don's Photo

It’s a fun guide and as a Pentax user, if I want to get really faster video autofocusing, I either need to upgrade to the new Pentax K-70 (and pray for some new lenses) or buy a Canon.

Life as an Army Photographer

From PetaPixel

Being an Army Photographer means multitasking in the most stressful and dangerous of circumstances: swapping between camera and rifle while taking fire. In this video, British Army Photographer Rupert Frere gives us a POV glimpse at what this is actually like in real life.

The helmet cam footage was captured by Frere while on patrol in Afghanistan, and originally revealed in an interview by photography.news. In it, you get to see what it’s like to capture photos while under fire, alternating between DSLR and rifle, between capturing photos and laying down fire.

As difficult (and, for many of us, terrifying) as this is, Frere tells photography.news that War photography is actually his “favorite” kind of photography.

“[War photography] is easy as there is emotion and interesting things everywhere you look. All I needed to do is stay alive and take photos,” he explains. “Normally, I’m the only one taking photos with the patrol so every image is unique.”

Check out the video up top to get a glimpse into the most dangerous aspect of being an Army Photographer, and then click here to read the full interview with Frere on photography.news, or hereto visit Frere’s photography website.


With the Toronto Blue Jays about to play a wildcard playoff game tomorrow, I thought I would share this award winning short video called The Off-Season about former Blue Jays pitcher Daniel Morris and his off-season spent in a VW van he calls Shaggy.  It’s a great short film both from a story telling and from a cinematography perspective.