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My summer in review

I worked all summer long at Safeway on 33rd.  I guess this means I passed my probationary period and they intend to keep me.

  • I used the money to buy a lot of t-shirts in Banff and Moraine Lake, a new lens for my camera, a great looking Timex Expedition watch, and all of my Christmas shopping.
  • Who was done his Christmas shopping in August?  This guy.
  • We went to Banff and Yoho National Parks despite dad being really sick. 
    • Dad pulled it together and still was a lot of fun on the trip.
    • We hiked in the backcountry.
    • Oliver and I got lost in the woods.
    • Dad was almost eaten by a bear.
    • We discovered Montreal Smoked Meat Crepes.
    • I found out that Lake Louise is just minutes away from British Columbia.
  • We went to Fort Carlton and I learned a bunch of Treaty 6 history with Oliver, Mom and Dad.  I enjoyed it a lot.  Dad and I walked around outside the fort (and were eaten alive by bugs) while Mom and Oliver made bannock.  Oddly enough there were no bugs inside the fort the day we were there.
  • I wasn’t going to play football after the trainwreck of a season I had last year but I had a lot of long talks with Dad about it who reminded me that everyone gets knocked down, it’s how you get up is what is important.  So when football started a week ago, I was out there.  It felt good.

New Year’s 2015

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions of 2015

  1. Get myself organized.   Dad made me purchase a paper daytimer from Staples (and I bought some sweet pens) to get organized with assignments, practices, and things that I need to do and plan for.Staples Day Planner
  2. Get in better shape.  I played 10 out of 12 positions on defence for the Bedford Road Redhawks last season.  I need to work on my arm and core strength.  I need to get quicker and faster.  BedRoad Redhawks
  3. Get my grades up.  I let my grades slip this year which brought upon me the wrath of Dad and Mom.  I need to do better in 2015.Report Card
  4. Use social media more effectively.  That means spending some more time on Flickr with my photos and posting more to my weblog.  Of course that means getting out more with a camera.  Luckily dad gave me a few new lens.Pentax K-x DSLR camera

Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas everyone!

It was a nice Christmas Eve around here.  Dad and Mom had it off.  Mom invited some of our friends for lunch at Alexander’s where we discussed politics.  After that we wandered in and out of some stores.  Oliver found a Lego Batman movie.  After that we went over to Uncle Lee and Aunt Brittany’s place.

Aunt Brittany made the Christmas lasagna and we watched Oliver’s movie. Uncle Lee gave me my yearly threat when I had seconds of lasagna. He wasn’t isn a sharing mood.

Uncle Lee and Aunt Brittany gave me an indoor basketball net, a copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Day Zero Edition, a Denver Broncos toque, and a poster.  It was pretty awesome.

Denver Broncos Toque

After heading home and getting some sleep, we opened some gifts today.

Mom and Dad gave me a new Asus MeMo Pad 7 which kind of blew me away. 

Asus MeMo Pad 7 tablet

Oliver gave me a Bluetooth keyboard, stand, and stylus.  Since they know me so well, Dad gave me a cool retro case that looks like a real manilla envelope.

Mom gave me a VIA Rail laptop bag that will hold my laptop and my tablet. Inside was drafting notebook. Dad calls it a murse.  Of course Dad would but I like it.  


Mom (who is currently my favourite parent) also gave me a massive can of Pepsi and a cool looking Pepsi t-shirt.  Don’t laugh, some of us like Pepsi.  Now I can wear some Pepsi as well as drink it.  Life is good and oh, so refreshing.

Dad isn’t all bad, he shocked me and gave me a Pentax 35mm f2.4 lens

I have wanted this lens ever since I got my camera.  I was saving up for it but I definitely didn’t expect to get it for Christmas.  Here is why it is awesome.

PENTAX 35mm f2.4 lens

The smc PENTAX DA L 35mm F2.4 AL has a fast F2.4 maximum aperture for handheld photography in low lighting and depth of field flexibility. It is built with a highly lightweight design for improved comfort and portability. PENTAX Super Protect coating helps repel dust, water, and grease, making the lens easier to clean. An aspherical lens element helps to compensate for spherical aberration to maximize image quality. Equivalent to 53.5mm in the 35mm format. Developed specifically for PENTAX digital SLR cameras.

Santa Claus gave me a Canon tripod while Maggi gave me the manly version of the photography gloves we gave Mom.  So yeah, now I need to get out and take some photos.

Oliver gave me Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale and Santa gave me a Pentax 200mm f4 prime lens which should be awesome.   They also tossed in some photography gloves which are almost a need in our weather.  In case I need to go out at night, I was given a compact red Maven Police Security flashlight.  130 lumens should be enough to blind anyone who is out at night.  You’ve been warned.

Dad was in a giving spirit.  He gave Mom a Sigma Art 19mm f2.4 lens and Oliver a Nikon Coolpix S31 camera so that means all of us got some new photo gear to explore tomorrow.  

Tomorrow after a big breakfast we are headed downtown to take some shots of what should be a totally empty downtown coreRiver Landing, and Meewasin Trail.  Then I will help Mom and Dad make Christmas dinner.  I’ll post some photos to Flickr tomorrow so you can check out the lenses and also what life was like around here.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

2013 Babineau Warriors Season in Review

My football season is done.  I played both cornerback and wide receiver this year.  We had our struggles but we finished with a 4-6 record.  Considering I went 0-9 my first season, it wasn’t that bad.

Playing football for the Babineau Warriors

I won the Zach Dawson Award at our year end final banquet for hard work and having a good attitude.  Dad bugged me that despite not being able to tackle or catch, I was quite cheerful about it.

For any of you who are wondering, Zach died during my first year from playing a “choking game”.  The award was named in his honor.

Now I have to decide if I want to play Kinsmen Football next year or try out for my high school team.


My mom already wrote about her Christmas here and my dad wrote about it here.

On Christmas Eve I went to Dad’s work and helped out in the kitchen.  Ryan and I made pizza and I helped Job with setting up lunch.  Dad also let me have a large double-double coffee from Tim Horton’s.

Later on that day Taylah and I went sledding at the park after her mom and her came over.  Once supper was done we opened our presents.  In my stocking I got a copy of Thrasher Magazine which dad used to read when he was my age.  I also go a iPod lock, a lot of candy candy and body wash.

Samsung m330 from VirginSamsung m330 cell phone from VirginI can’t believe it but Dad and Mom gave me my own cell phone.  It’s a Samsung m330 from Virgin Mobile and it’s a slider phone.  Dad sent me some of the names of friends from his address book so I could send some text messages.   Not only can I send out text messages but Dad showed me that it has a camera in it and I can send out picture messages.  How cool is that?  I’m not allowed to bring it to school but I can keep it on me when I am at the baby sitter or out with Mom and Dad.  I was really surprised.

Dad set it up so I would have unlimited texting for a month and then he said that he would see how I did with it.

I also got a H0 model train set which is really cool.  Mom also got me some extra track which is really cool.  I have it set up on the dining room table.  I am just nervous that Oliver will grab it but he has been really careful with everything.

Dad also gave me a really cool looking Survivorman t-shirt that says, “You Sweat, You Die” on the back.

I also got two books, one on projects that I can do on weekends and one on Allied Fighters of WWII.  My great-grandfather was an air force mechanic in World War II and Dad showed me some of the airplanes that he worked on.

Oliver gave me a cool Tech Deck case and some Tech Decks to put in it that I really like.

Maggi gave me a junior sized Saskatchewan Roughrider football.  Too bad that she isn’t allowed to fetch it.

Uncle Lee gave me two Nerf N-Strike guns and a Nerf basketball hoop for my bedroom door.  Uncle Lee also gave all of us a Playstation 3.  It only does everything.  He gave us some Call of Duty: World at War, Force Unleashed II, and Madden 11.  The last two games are Dad’s but I can play them.

When we went over to the Reimer’s they gave me some DVD’s of IMAX videos that we already had but they are going to exchange it for some other stuff.  Kristi gave me a really nice Calgary Flames watch.  I know the Flames are horrible this year but the watch is really nice.

Tonight Bert and Don are coming over.  Bert was sick for a while and had to go to Calgary for an operation but he’s back now and I am excited to see them again.  Anita and Jim are also coming over which will be a lot of fun.

Thanks everyone for the gifts.  I really appreciated them.