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Surprise from Dad

Last night was Dad’s birthday.  We gave him his gifts and then went out dinner at Boston Pizza.  As we sat down, there was a cloth bag of stuff and I through Mom had something she was going to surprise him with.  Inside was two packages and Dad gave me one.  It was a grip for my Pentax K-5 II.  I had wanted one since I got the camera but couldn’t afford it.  Then Pentax stopped making them so they got more expensive.  Don’s Photo didn’t have any old ones in stock so I had hoped to get one used this summer or fall.  Dad found a replica one that had good reviews and ordered it for me.  He gave it to me last night.

The other weekend, Oliver was in Don’s Photo at the end of the day and was telling me about this incredible Canon camcorder.  It costs $2500 new and ever since then Oliver has been shoveling snow like a madmen.  He gets paid $2 a snowfall.  He wanted the Canon Vixia HF R700 camcorder which just cost $200.  I think in his mind if he could just produce a few Hollywood blockbusters, he can get the Canon XF 100.  Makes sense to me.

Dad had a Canon HF Vixia R200 camcorder at home that we rarely used.  He preferred some other gear.  He bought Oliver this adorable Lowepro Adventura SH 110 II case, some SD cards, and gave it to him.  Oliver did even want to eat supper, he wanted to leave right then and film an epic adventure.  Since that camcorder (all camcorders?!) aren’t great with batteries, Dad ordered him in some extras.

Speaking of batteries, I will pick up a few extra batteries for my grip but it also came with a AA battery holder so I can use some AA batteries if all else fails.

My birthday

Well I turned 10 last week and I got some nice stuff for my birthday.

Dad got me Little Big Planet for my PSP.  I played the game at Uncle Lee’s apartment before and I really liked the game.  Uncle Lee took me to our cabin for the weekend and I had a lot of fun playing it.  Dad played it quite a bit on his PSP too.  While we were heading up to the cabin, Uncle Lee gave me a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey.

Mom gave me a iPod speaker dock which is really cool because I can play my music and charge my iPod on it.  I wanted to take it to the cabin but Dad said that we had a dock there too.

Oliver gave me a cool clip on Coleman watch.  I really liked it.

Maggi gave me a cool Pelican Micro case for my camera.

Jerry and Gloria came over and gave me some money.  Dad and Mom took me out shopping tonight and I got the prequel trilogy of Star Wars.

Thanks everyone, I had a lot of fun.