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New cell phone (again)

Samsung Galaxy Prime cell phoneSigh.  I dropped my Windows Phone and killed it the other day.  In the last year I have wrecked three phones and a tablet.  Dad and Mom are about to lose it.  I think the vein on his head is still pulsating.  That’s not good.  Not only that but I just paid back dad this week for the phone I broke.

I am working but I need to stop breaking my phones. 

Mom moved from Bell Mobility to Fido because she gets more data for less money and upgraded from her Samsung Galaxy Prime to a Motorola Moto G4 Plus.  She told me that I could buy her phone for $50.  She had a white case for it and I bought a new charcoal case for $30.  We set up both her phone and my phone this morning.

The good news is that while doing it, Samsung sent a big Android update which updated the phone.  It’s not a gaming phone which is fine by me.  I need it to text, check email, and keep in contact with work, Jordon, Wendy, and Oliver.  It also plays Spotify well.

Now I just need to stop dropping devices.

Optex Action Camera Accessory Kit

The big guy called me last week and told me about the Optex Action Camera Accessory Kit.
It includes:

  • Large, weather resistant, hard shell EVA case for camera and accessories
  • Head mount
  • Chest mount
  • 2x Curved adhesive mounts
  • 2x Flat adhesive mounts
  • Suction cup mount
  • Pro compact extension pole
  • ¼” tripod adapter mount
  • Quick release mount
  • Velcro strap for GoPro remote
  • Nylon pouch bag for accessories
  • Bike handlebar mount
  • 90 degree right angle mount
  • ¼” Universal camera adapter mount for GoPro.
For only $99.99, it is a great deal (over buying them separately) and will be a a lot of fun this summer when we head to Banff National Park next week.

Timex Expedition Atlantis Watch

Timex® Expedition® Atlantis Men's Digital Watch

Well I finally have my first full paycheck from working at Safeway.  Some idiot stole my backpack a couple of weeks ago so I had to replace that with my first partial paycheck.  With my full check, I had to use most of it to pay Dad back for my Windows 10 cell phone.  He suggested I keep back some of it and get myself something.  I had been looking at smart watches but what do I need a Pebble or a Apple Watch for?  I don’t.  I just want a nice watch that I can wear every day.

Dad has Timex Expedition Atlantis watch in silver and black and I have always liked it.  I saw one in black and realized it was the one I wanted so I bought this for myself with my own money.  It feels pretty good.  It looks good too.

Getting the new desktop computer ready

My much beloved laptop was dying.  It was running Windows Vista and while it was still working, Dad wanted to upgrade me to Windows 10.  He was going to just upgrade it but for the same price, he bought me a Lenovo ThinkCentre from OTV that had Windows 7 on it.  It then upgrades itself to Windows 10.  We ran the benchmarks on it last night and it does really well although the onboard video is a little slow.  I can’t see Dad dropping $700 for a new video card for it any time soon.

I had a monitor but it was tossed in a cleaning purge so Mom went out and got me a 19.5 inch monitor from HP.  It’s a nice setup.

So today we are running Ninite to get me the programs that I need. 

Dad also put WordPerfect Office X7 on it along with some video editing software and Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.  He also installed Pinnacle Studio 16 on it.  It’s not Adobe Premiere but I am not exactly J.J. Abrams either.

Update: Now running Windows 10 in all of it’s glory (and bugs).

My new Pentax K-5 II DSLR

Pentax K-5 II DSLR camera

So on Friday, dad came home from work and we were talking when I noticed a Pentax K-5 II box on the chair.  I asked him what was up and he just said, “look at the invoice”.  I did and it had my name on it.  I opened up the box and there was a Pentax K-5 II in it.  I was more then blown away and was really happy to see it. 

My Pentax K-30 is incredible but this is better.  It has better JPG quality, faster autofocusing, and a better build quality.  I am going to sell my K-30 (as soon as it gets back from some warranty work) and order myself the grip to go with the camera.  I’m pretty excited by it.

I put on my Tamron 18-200 lens on it and I could tell right away how quickly it autofocused.  It looks like it will be an incredible camera and a fun camera to take exploring with me this summer in Banff.

New friends for the journey

Stanley 20 oz Travel MugSince I survived final exams in one piece, Dad and Mom picked me up a couple of things for this summer.

One of them was a nice black duffel bag for travelling.  They got one for Oliver as well.  The last thing as brothers we want is for our clothes to ever touch each other. 

In my bag was a new Stanley 20 oz Travel MugOutside Magazine just rated it as the best mug out there.

Capacity: 20 ounces

Usability: This burly mug has the easiest-to-use lid, thanks to its ergonomic, trigger-like opener. It’s big, and as such won’t fit in a car’s cup holders, but I found that this was my go-to for bringing to work. 

Spillage: Zero 

Keeps Liquids Hot for (Claimed): 8 hours
Temperature Loss After 2 Hours: 24 degrees
Temperature Loss After 8 Hours: 60 degrees

Bottom Line: The Stanley was the big winner in terms of short- and long-term heat retention. If you like your coffee hot, this is your mug. We also loved the trigger-style lid that never spilled but was easy to use, even one-handed.

Both will be great company on some trips and adventures in 2016.