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Follow up to my birthday

Jerry and Gloria gave me some cash for my birthday which was nice.  They told me to ignore dad and just get whatever I wanted.  I really wanted a compound bow and arrow which didn’t go over well with dad.  He pointed out that we didn’t have anywhere at the cabin or in town where we could be sure it would be safe.  He was right.  

So I really wanted a Sigma 70-200 f 2.8 lens for my Pentax but that is $1000 so that isn’t happening either.  I had also been looking at some Black Rapid straps for my camera.  Dad saw that Case Logic’s version were being blown out at The Source and got me one there.  It even has an exciting promo video.

He also got me a new case for my Sony Xperia J while he was out.  That was cool.

After looking around, I got a double CD of Led Zeppelin and Coldplay’s new album.