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Hi, I am Mark Cooper, the producer of this blog and this is a post authored or edited by me.

A day with my grandfather in Waskesiu


All sorts of family were out this week(end) with my Aunt Pat and cousin (second cousin? I am not sure how that works) Michelle came up to Saskatoon and we met them at The Berry Barn last Saturday.  I really hoped someone used The Corner Gas joke and asked where they were this weekend.  According to Hank and Brent, “They are in a better place.  Saskatoon.”

On Monday my grandpa came up to visit dad and we went to

  • Fatburger
  • The Park Cafe
  • Waskesiu
  • KartTrack (see Mom’s post for some photos)
  • Ricky’s
  • Jordon and Lloyd also seemed to foil someone who might have broken into our house.  Either that or tried to crush my head with a chunk of landscaping stone.  By the way, if you are missing a piece of landscaping stone, I put it in the trash.  Mom later called the Saskatoon Police Service and they said they would pick up the women.  According to dad and mom (she comes by all of the time), she needs some help.

So yeah, it was a fun two days.  Above are some family photos and as you can see, I am have not mastered the art of the paparazzi and running ahead and getting the shot.  I am not going to get much from TMZ for these photos.  I also am doubting dad’s claim that he is “huge in Europe and Japan”.

I also realize the above photos make it look like I am being left behind.  “Hey guys! Wait up!”

New camera

Dad was in Don’s Photo the other day and saw this camera on sale for a really good price.  After deciding I wanted to pursue sports photography as a passion even if I don’t make any money off it, he said, “You need to switch to Canon or Nikon.” 


I can’t afford the Nikon D610 so Dad financed it for me.  Actually he invested some in Mark Cooper Photography and bought the camera for me.  I have to pay about half back.

I had enough money to get a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens so I have the camera and a nice lens for it. 

As for picking a Nikon over Canon, I like the focusing speed of the Nikon and the dynamic range.  I don’t plan to shoot a lot of video and to be honest, there wasn’t any comparable Canon 6Ds in the used counter at Don’s Photo.  If there had been one of those and no Nikons, I’d be talking about Canon right now.

Its exciting to be upgrading to full frame but sad to be selling off all of my Pentax gear.  I had a heck of a lot of nice lenses but Nikon just has better options and of course all of those lenses from Sigma, Tamron, and Tokina. 

So it was a decision I am excited about and thanks to Dad for helping me with it.

Surprise from Dad

Last night was Dad’s birthday.  We gave him his gifts and then went out dinner at Boston Pizza.  As we sat down, there was a cloth bag of stuff and I through Mom had something she was going to surprise him with.  Inside was two packages and Dad gave me one.  It was a grip for my Pentax K-5 II.  I had wanted one since I got the camera but couldn’t afford it.  Then Pentax stopped making them so they got more expensive.  Don’s Photo didn’t have any old ones in stock so I had hoped to get one used this summer or fall.  Dad found a replica one that had good reviews and ordered it for me.  He gave it to me last night.

The other weekend, Oliver was in Don’s Photo at the end of the day and was telling me about this incredible Canon camcorder.  It costs $2500 new and ever since then Oliver has been shoveling snow like a madmen.  He gets paid $2 a snowfall.  He wanted the Canon Vixia HF R700 camcorder which just cost $200.  I think in his mind if he could just produce a few Hollywood blockbusters, he can get the Canon XF 100.  Makes sense to me.

Dad had a Canon HF Vixia R200 camcorder at home that we rarely used.  He preferred some other gear.  He bought Oliver this adorable Lowepro Adventura SH 110 II case, some SD cards, and gave it to him.  Oliver did even want to eat supper, he wanted to leave right then and film an epic adventure.  Since that camcorder (all camcorders?!) aren’t great with batteries, Dad ordered him in some extras.

Speaking of batteries, I will pick up a few extra batteries for my grip but it also came with a AA battery holder so I can use some AA batteries if all else fails.