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Why a professional photographer sold his Nikon D5 and got a Fujifilm X-T2

The first thing was that the Nikon has horrible dynamic range.  Canon like dynamic range.

However, those little gripes began to grow into larger annoyances for me. The first gripe I had was that my bank account was completely deflated from the massive expense of the D5. The other gripe was a complete step backwards from Nikon in the dynamic range department. I had really grown accustomed to the insane shadow recovery ability from other Nikon cameras, including the Df, D750, and D810. This was like I was shooting with a Canon from recent years. Just terrible, terrible dynamic range.

The Fuji X-T2 has improved quite a it.

I have been a skeptic for a while on the Fuji autofocus capabilities, but I’m a convert. It can do everything that I need it to do, and it weighs something like 23 pounds less than the D5. Seriously, I weighed them both. Imagine how grateful my arms and shoulders have been these past few weeks! I feel lighter on my feet and I feel like I am able to truly blend in amongst the wedding guests. People don’t see me and immediately feel intimidated when I raise my camera to capture moments. Sometimes, I don’t even have to raise my camera thanks to the fantastic flip screen on the X-T2—another thing that the D5 cannot do.

And guess what. The Fuji X-T2 has amazing dynamic range and fantastic shadow recovery ability! It blows away the Nikon D5 in that department. It really isn’t even close. I can shoot the way I want and be confident that the file will hold up to my editing style. I’m no longer limited by the flexibility of a RAW file.

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