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New cell phone (again)

Samsung Galaxy Prime cell phoneSigh.  I dropped my Windows Phone and killed it the other day.  In the last year I have wrecked three phones and a tablet.  Dad and Mom are about to lose it.  I think the vein on his head is still pulsating.  That’s not good.  Not only that but I just paid back dad this week for the phone I broke.

I am working but I need to stop breaking my phones. 

Mom moved from Bell Mobility to Fido because she gets more data for less money and upgraded from her Samsung Galaxy Prime to a Motorola Moto G4 Plus.  She told me that I could buy her phone for $50.  She had a white case for it and I bought a new charcoal case for $30.  We set up both her phone and my phone this morning.

The good news is that while doing it, Samsung sent a big Android update which updated the phone.  It’s not a gaming phone which is fine by me.  I need it to text, check email, and keep in contact with work, Jordon, Wendy, and Oliver.  It also plays Spotify well.

Now I just need to stop dropping devices.

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