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Timex Expedition Atlantis Watch

Timex® Expedition® Atlantis Men's Digital Watch

Well I finally have my first full paycheck from working at Safeway.  Some idiot stole my backpack a couple of weeks ago so I had to replace that with my first partial paycheck.  With my full check, I had to use most of it to pay Dad back for my Windows 10 cell phone.  He suggested I keep back some of it and get myself something.  I had been looking at smart watches but what do I need a Pebble or a Apple Watch for?  I don’t.  I just want a nice watch that I can wear every day.

Dad has Timex Expedition Atlantis watch in silver and black and I have always liked it.  I saw one in black and realized it was the one I wanted so I bought this for myself with my own money.  It feels pretty good.  It looks good too.

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