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Christmas Day

I got up this morning and took Marley for a long walk through Caswell, Mayfair, and Hudson Bay Park.  It was really, really quiet.  Normally I am out the door at 7:00 a.m. and there aren’t a lot of people out but there are cars being warmed up, people scraping windshields and people going to work.  None of that today.  The entire westside of Saskatoon was sleeping in.

Dad had to get up early and go to City Hospital for treatment on his leg.  When they got home, they started making breakfast.  There was scrambled eggs on salmon and toasted croissants and some eggs benedict.  Eggtastic (yes I went there).  They were served with some fresh squeezed juice and fresh ground coffee.

After breakfast Dad pointed out that Oliver and I had forgotten to open a gift from the night before.  I was like, “What? How could that have happened?”  We opened the gift and inside it was a BB-8 robot and four tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens for this afternoon.  How cool is that?

So after breakfast, Oliver and I chilled out in front of my television while Dad updated his computer.  Then we headed downtown with some hot coffee and took some photos of downtown.  As we got closer to the movie time, we headed back home, dropped off our gear and then went down to watch Star Wars.  It was everything that you would expect from the biggest movie of the year and a lot of fun.

Mom had preparing a roast for dinner in the slow cooker. I thought it was because that is what she wanted to make for dinner but now I realize it was something she could cook while we were at the movie.  Well played Wendy.

When we got home, the roast was ready and we had French Dip sandwiches on fresh rolls.  It was excellent.  Later on Christmas evening, Mom brought out a chocolate fondue for dessert.  Then Mom and Dad called it a night while Oliver and I went downstairs and watched some television.  As soon as I hit “publish”, we are calling it a night.  Oliver is crashing in my bunk bed tonight.  With him and I high on chocolate, it could be a short night and a long day tomorrow.

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